Aarianantha Solutions

Who are we

We are the leading solution provider for android and desktop applications. We love to make iOT solutions.

Aarianantha Solutions formed in 2017 were passionate about mechanical Engineering. The real world is so fast and everything can be had within a second by the knowledge base search engines. We were thinking that there are options available for offline apps which are reliable with content and follow the way with required content in an attractive manner. Mechanical design data was the first venture and after all preparations it got launched in 2017. Continuous updates made the app useful for young engineers who works on Mechanical design  

 The second venture was the Malayalam Word Game which gives knowledge thru game and most accepted by students

The next venture was Tamil Word game which is a replica of Malayalam word game.  Tamil is a versatile language and  one of the strongest language. We are proud to to take such initiatives

 Malayalam Paryayamala is our most promising tool to develop the language Malayalam. We are so pleased to acknowledge the blessings from its users. The instant messaging service included in this app to clear the doubts about various language related issues

We made several iOT applications using Wifi and other communication protocols.

What can we do for you?

Ask, interrogate what we can do. We will do it for you

Let us dream for a bright future